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Do you want to learn how to build a profitable blog to make money?

Hi Readers, my name is Mukesh. I have been blogging for more than two years with various types of Projects and I love every minute of it. Blogging helped me to grow and find my first job with Digital Marketing it is to be continued.

Someone told the truth about success Failure is success in progress and practice makes a man perfect. These quotes are adaptable. In 2018 after my schooling I was learning How to start and create a blog, I also spend a lot of time searching, reading, learning for more and more helpful information online.

After too much knowledge and experience, I have created this free complete step-by-step blog setup tutorial to teach beginners how to create a blog instantly and easily. Blog creating is not as complicated as many people think about it.

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This Tutorial takes 20 minutes to read (6000 words minimum). Yes, that is a long article for reading, but I share everything for starting a blog for beginners in 2021. If you want to make a career in blogging in 2021 you can take your time and do it at your own pace!

I also create for your How to build a WordPress blog in 2021 with single click install.

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If you have any questions related to this tutorial or get prod with the step, I will be happy to help you. You can get in touch with me and ask for free advice for growth.

Great thought of top bloggers and influencers:

“Don’t look back and ask, Why? Look ahead and ask, Why not?” “Don’t make excuses, make improvements.”

Neil Patel Quote

Neil Patel

“Life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things.”

Gary vee Quote

Gary Vee

How to start a new blog in 10 Easy Steps for beginners.

  • Step #1: The first step is to select a perfect niche or topic for your blog
  • Step #2: The second step is to pick a perfect domain name.
  • Step #3: Select the best blogging platform to start a blog
  • Step #4: Get a web hosting account
  • Step #5: Starting a Blog on WordPress
  • Step #6: Choose a Theme and design your blog post
  • Step #7: Write and publish blog content
  • Step #8: How to Optimize your blog content for SEO

Step #1:-

How to find a perfect niche or blog Idea

Niche or blog topic Selection is The first and most important step for all bloggers who want to start their blogging journey.

To start a proper blog and make it a blogger, it is important that you have to choose the right niche.

The good news: In this article, you will learn a practical and step-by-step guide in 2 ways to select the best niche for your blog.

First, Identify your passion or interest in?

Mostly asked the question What topic do I love?

This is the key to your blog niche. After all, if you don’t love, don’t interest in the topic, you can’t write about it day-after-day.

To answer this question, I would like to suggest some points by sharing my experience with you:

How to improve talent.

Talent Improve

  • Talent – You know that every person living on this earth definitely have various type of talent which can be natural may be a sport, game, or musical instrument. But….

How to improve expertise

expertise improve

  • Expertise – Not a human google also uses expertise forever but as human skills and knowledge build up over the year. Expertise not to comes from born it is practice so do that more and more practice and gain knowledge about your niche. It looks like academic subjects or skills like language and car repair.

How to choose a best career in blogging

career in blogging

  • Career – I think your current career can be a fantastic place to write about. For example, if you’re a physics teacher in school, you can start blogging about facts and practical and visual notes for students.

How to improve passion.

Passion and Hobbies

  • Hobbies and passions – Is there a subject or topic you just love learning about? Yes, of course, every person has some hobbies and passions. Think about the things you do in your free time. Maybe it’s reading books, novels. For those who spend time on the internet, the best way to identify their hobby is to check the history then you will find.

Action Step:- After selecting your interest in these topics first of all Write down 10 – 15 articles on the topics in a blog post. Pull up a Word archive or piece of paper and really record this. It’ll help you keep your ideas focused. Additionally, you can allude back to it some other time when you settle on your official choice.

Second, What are other people interested in the topic.

This the complicated and tricker for everyone. But don’t worry I am here only for you.

Second, you have to decide whether the audience is interested in the niche you have selected or not. Whether people search for that topic.

I know very well that it is complicated but it’s true for the Google algorithm. So you need to check what other people are interested in as well.

If you didn’t find out the people’s interest then your effort is worthless so after select your interest you have to find out people’s interest.

For example, you have a bike and you might think that a blog all about how wonderful your bike is super interesting – but it will attract a lot of people. I think no.

On the other hand, a blog about how is the performance of the Bike and a complete review of the bike to a much bigger audience of readers.

But here are the biggest question that how to check people’s interests. There is a simple solution that, keyword research is mostly helping of you for more research about people’s interests

To help, here are a few popular categories that always go very well.

  • Health and fitness blog
  • Beauty Blog
  • Personal Finance
  • Online Business
  • Investing
  • Business Ideas
  • Online Money Blog
  • Productivity
  • Freelancing

Pro tip – Google Keyword Planner tool will help you with how often people search for a specific category or niche. This tool will reveal what people are and are not interested in.

Note – If you have selected a niche once then I would like to suggest the validation of the niche. The 3-most important step formula for the success of the niche are given below.

  • First, you should check your niche size.
  • The second is to explore competitors related to your niche.
  • Analyze monetization potential.
  • Keywords research related to your niche.

That is the process that will help you obtain a clear idea of the size, competition, monetization potential, and Keyword analysis for your proposed niche. If you are not sure how to select the most profitable blogging niche ideas in 2022, read our complete Guide for you.

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Step #2:-

How to select the perfect Domain name for blogging

If you decide for blogging with your perfect niche then you are facing a new problem that is a Domain name.

Do You know What is the Domain Name, why we need a Domain name? Don’t worry I explain it.

What is the Domain Name and why do we need it?

Basically, a domain name is the only single name of your website the Facebook’s domain name is Facebook, Google’s domain name is google. In simple words, A Domain Name is an address where Internet users can access your website.

The domain name is important easy-to-remember for users. Because Users can’t remember IP addresses. They can remember domain names.

Now, there are good news and bad news for selecting a domain name.

  • Bad news – Most of the best and easy to remember and short domain names are already taken. The internet is decad and decad old. Make sense.
  • Good News – That does not matter because we are going to find one only for you.

Here are few best rules to keep in mind when choosing a domain name.

  • Choose a short name – Domain name always having a short name doesn’t force potential visitors. We recommend no more than 14 characters or 2-3 words.
  • Choose .com, .org, .net extention – These estentions are mostly useable and easiest for people to remember. Country specific extention can be used by enyone (example:- India – .in, USA – .us, UK – .uk)
  • Niche-specific – Usually domain name having related to your niche-specific and too short and doesn’t spell out the name and is easy to pronounce for example my domain name digiroj.com is too short and easy to remember and related to digital niche related.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens because it is not remembering and irritating for users.

Now if you are serious for started a blogging journey then you should invest a small amount to purchase your domain name because it is completely paid. The amount is a minimum of 700 Rupees for one year.

There are many options in the market for purchasing a domain name Godaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost but I strongly recommend for a domain name purchase is Godaddy. If your domain name is available using their domain tool. If it is, Great! But, If not, now you have only two options:

  1. Search until the domain is found – If you will go to search your domain name you will found that most short names are already taken but if you have enough money then you should search until you find a domain that’s available. Sharply your synonyms skills by searching other words related to your domain and purchases that might be available. This is a very crucial skill.
  2. Purchase a Domain name – First, if you want to buy only this domain now it is very expensive if you are illegible you can buy.

Most of the companies are provide free domain names with web hosting so it is a better choice for you because hosting is compulsory if you are serious about your website growth. So I strongly recommend domain registering with the web hosting plan.

Choosing a perfect and short domain name is a difficult task in itself. But don’t worry I am here for your solution. Here are some best tools for selecting the best domain ideas for your domain name.

  • Nameboy
  • LeanDomainSearch
  • Namemesh
  • DomainTyper
  • Dot-o-mator

These are the best tools for selecting domain name ideas. They are called domain name generators you can search on google.

Utilizing your personal name as a Domain

The domain name is the important factor for judge your work on a website because domain name direct shows your actual category in the field. But according to google update domain name is not a matter of your content. Google considers only content quality.

But it’s correct that if this is your first blog and you are not completely sure what do you want to blog about then I recommend if you use your personal name.

One reason for this is that later when the domain has to be changed, then a new start will have to be made because in the beginning there are many mistakes in blogging that can be corrected later, but they can’t be corrected if the domain is wrong.

For example, you pick a domain like fitnessclub.com. Then after six months, you realize that you’d rather be doing personal finance blogging. Now, you had a need to get a new domain and start over from scratch.

So personal domains are too much flexible because it is just a name after all. So if you jump categories after few months, then you can. You can create any category for any type of content to follow your passion.

Action Step – Now you are ready to pick a domain and run with it.

In-depth:- If you want to learn full information about this topic? Check out this article on How to buy the right and profitable domain name?

Step #3: How to choose the best blogging platform.

After selecting your Niche and domain at this stage, you will start finding the best blogging platforms for the blog and website design. As a beginner, you have two options for starting a blog.

First, if you do have not enough money to start a new blog then you can use the free version of blogging platforms. Second, you can spend some money on your blog. I also recommend building your blog using the self-hosted WordPress blog setup that I share in this guide.

When it comes to blogging sites, then you have a few options. I want to show with the help of statistical distribution of blog technologies in only the USA.

According to market research, WordPress software is so far the most popular blogging and website designing platform with a 90% + in only the USA.

wordpress user statistics

Blogging platform user

Let’s get started with 3 solutions and I’ll explain the main difference between them. Here are two types of hosting solutions –

  • Hosted blog solution (Example – Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Graphy)
  • Self-hosted blog solution (Example – WordPress.org)

What is the hosted blogging solution?

Hosted blogging platforms are completely free to use for new bloggers. Free hosted platforms such as Blogger.com or Tumblr.com, Wix.com.

But, there are important to understand that “free” always comes with a limitation. You do have not complete control of customization.

  • First, if you use free blogging platform then your blog’s domain name set as a subdomain (example – name.blogspot.com, name.wordpress.com, name.wix.com)
  • Second, you can customize your blog with its rules and restrictions.

We know that free options come with limitations for only testing blogging platforms. But, if you are serious about starting a blogging journey, then I will recommend you’ll have to start paying for whole services.

What is the self-hosted solution?

It is a completely paid service by hosting providers. At this time many types of hosting providers are available in the market. But I strongly recommend Hostinger for hosting.

A self-hosted blogging platform like WordPress.org is giving you full customization of your website. You can manage your website from everywhere.

But it is a paid platform so they are charging a few amounts dollars for webspace or storage for your article, blog, videos, Images all are included. If you want to take full control of your website you should join the premium hosting.

How to buy hosting in Hostinger

Hosting is the place where your content is stored. So, too many hosting providers are available in the market but Hostinger provides us easy to use and easy-to-understand, and the best customer services 24/7.

Hostinger is a reputed company with too many servers in the world and loading time is less than 1 second. So I strongly recommend this because I am using the Hostinger server also.

People also visit your website through this server. This is one of the most important factors for your website. And there are too many hosting services but as a beginner, you should choose the premium hosting plan that is the cost of 159$ per month only.


First, choose the best hosting plan-

First, If you go to the Hostinger dashboard you will find different types of hosting plans.

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